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Important Information on your New Puppy
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WHY? are Imports so costly?
1-you must know and trust a quality breeder in europe
2-you need to find a stud to breed your female to, pay the fee, wait for ultrasound confirmation & get a passport
3- you must find a trusted shipper that can drive your new import to the airport, this intales vet appt, obtaining a crate for you and doing much paperwork
' this cost is on you'
4- when you pay for your dog, pay the shipper, pay the airline (1350-1500 euros = $1800)
then you dog flys
5-next you must find a broker $$$ up to $250 more, who will clear your dog through customs for you
6- you must contact the airline and find the cargo and pay a cargo fee
7- many times the airport that receives European flights is far away (4+ hrs for me) and I have to drive there and back OR hire a driver (last one cost $280 plus gas to get my dog) dogs can arrive 8;30 pm and you end up getting home around 2 am - then after you do cargo paperwork and pay the fee, then you must wait for the people to bring your dog over from the plane, this can take up to 2 hrs more
so next time you want to have a cheap dog....
consider what it costs to get a Quality Dog!! 
it takes much work, knowledge and $$$



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